Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Food and fun

Mango dessert with chocolate

Towel animal

Shrimp and salmon


Hats and bowls woven from trees


Love the colors

Floral arrangement of the islands

The beautiful Caribbean

Banana tree and seed pod

Tiny bird of paradise flower

Puff flower (yes, really the name)

Ball plant (yes)

Sausage Tree - really unique - not good to eat.

Another fruit tree.  This is size of a soccer ball.

Linda in the Kapok Tree

Can you see the lizard?

Lots of coconuts ready to harvest

Rooster hoping for some lunch

Be prepared

Dove with beautiful coloring

Delicate flowers on a huge bush

Ilene standing on the boardwalk with an island resort in the background.  We found a great restaurant here and sat and enjoyed the view here on St Croix

Flowers, trees of the islands

Coconut Tree

Beautiful resort viewed from the cruise ship.  Pirate ship anchored nearby.

Ilene, Dave and Kurt enjoying sunshine and warmth in San Juan, Puerto Rico at the Rainforest

Special waterfall in the Rainforest

Huge ferns everywhere

Huge bamboo

The only National Forest in the United States that is a Rainforest

View of Puerto Rico from Rainforest

Dave and Ilene in front of a giant fan palm tree

Rooster posed for the picture.  They ran wild everywhere.

LDS Church on St Thomas.  The taxi driver knew exactly where it was.  He said he often brings people to church at the building.  We thought that was good to know that many people attend on their vacations.

Jewel of the Seas Ship Photos

Ilene and Dave dancing in the Centrum - center part of ship

Good dance steps

Glass Elevator and 5 or 6 decks of the ship

Towel creature reading the daily schedule

Ship at dusk with the beautiful islands in the background

Swimming with the Sting Rays on St. John's Antigua

Mangrove tree with exposed roots.  Boat that took us to the Sting Ray Home

Ilene by the bougainvillea bush

Sting Rays were just beyond the piece of land in the distance.  We took a ten minute boat ride to meet them.  They were gentle and friendly.  They swam close to us, rubbing our legs.   We fed them squid.   We had snorkels and masks to see the fish as well.  There were not many.  I think we frightened them away.

Bougainvillea Flower

Delightful shopping and people watching on Antigua

Jardin de Balata on Martinique, the French speaking Island

Kurt at entrance to Balata Gardens.  We rode the public bus up the mountain.

Dave by the Garden sign.

Ilene and Kurt looking at unique flowers.

Beautiful view of mountains from garden.

Roots that come up to my waist.

Huge, lush flower

Beautiful flower

Suspension bridge about 20 feet above the ground

Seeds on the tree

Huge bird of paradise


View from Suspension Bridge

Port at Martinique with Dave, Ilene and Kurt